The workshop will be held at Hida Hotel Plaza, Takayama, Gifu, Japan. The venue is located two blocks north and a five minute walk from both the JR Takayama Station and the Takayama Bus Center. Mind your step during walking since icy walkway is expected in February.

Takayama has acquired three stars in the Michelin tour guidebook which has been published for more than 80 years. 


Online registration is now available. Please visit the following link and follow the instruction.
Registration Form

Online registration will be closed at 00:00, Feb.10 JST. We strongly recommend to use the above online registration. We accept only JPY cash at on-site registration desk.

Registration site contains information about Accommodation.

Registration Fee
Regular (30,000 JPY)
Student (18,000 JPY)

If you have any troubles or questions, please contact to FCV2016 Committee.

Technical Tour : Shirakawa-go, a world heritage site in Japan

4 hours bus tour to Shirakawa-go

Shirakawa-go (Ogimachi Gassho-zukuri Village) is a village located in Ōno District, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. It is best known for being the site of Shirakawa-gō, a small, traditional village showcasing a building style known as gasshō-zukuri.


There are plenty hotels and ryokans (Japanese traditional style accommodation) in walking distance to/from the workshop venue. While the organizers do not mediate accommodation, participants can make reservation via the following hotel reservation systems.

List of recommended hotels (5 minute walk from the venue) :

If you have any troubles or questions, please contact to FCV2016 Committee.

Travel Information

From Chubu Centrair international airport to Nagoya:

  1. After arriving at Chubu Centrair international airport, take a train of the Nagoya Railroad (Meitetsu) to Nagoya station. The train takes 30 minutes and costs 870 (1,230 *) yen.
    * When taking the μ-SKY or first class seats on the limited express, additional 360 yen surcharge is required.

From Nagoya to Takayama:

By train: 2h 17m, 6,030 yen
  1. After arriving Meitetsu Nagoya station, exit Meitetsu Nagoya station and move to JR-central Nagoya station following the signage.
  2. Purchase your ticket of Wide View Hida limited express train at the ticket office.
    (There is no way to reserve a seat from outside of Japan)
    (We recommend to reserve a seat on the RIGHT SIDE of the train for great scenery.
    We also recommend the opposite side of a train for the return path.)
  3. Take a train and enjoy your ride.

Central Japan Railway(JR-Central): http://english.jr-central.co.jp

By bus: 2h 40m, 2,980 yen ** Reservation Required **
  1. After arriving Meitetsu Nagoya station, exit Meitetsu Nagoya Station via the Central gate (underground). Walk south about 50 m and take the escalator in front of “Nana-chan,” the huge mannequin, to get to the Meitetsu Bus Center entrance. Use the escalator to get to the highway bus platform on the third floor. http://www.meitetsu-bus.co.jp/english/centrair/index.html
  2. Purchase your ticket at the ticket office on the third floor.
  3. Take an express bus at platform 3 to Takayama and enjoy your bus ride. 

NOTE: Seat reservation is required. You can researve your seat by the reservation system (https://www.highwaybus.com/rs-web01-prd-rel/gp/foreign/frgSelectLine?lang=en)

Detail: http://www.nouhibus.co.jp/english/cebtrair_takayama.html

If you have any troubles or questions, please contact to FCV2016 Committee.

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